english final


  1. a reference to something well-known (like a person, place, event, or work of art or literature)
  2. On a sandy bank under the trees the leaves lie deep and so crisp that a lizard makes a great skittering if he runs among them. Pg 1
  3. I see this in this passage because it is describing in great detail how things surrounding the beginning of the book looks like and gives the reader what it must feel like to be there and see the leaves on the ground so crisp. To see what the people in this story are see and allow them to almost but not quite feel how this place looks.
  4. I think it advances the book in a way where it tells you where the people are and where they might soon be leaving to go work some place just to have money to survive when they are leaving this beautiful place behind


Dynamic Character

  1. These characters change somehow during the story. Like George for an example
  2. I couldn’t find a passage from the book because it’s changing through out the story.
  3. I see the dynamic character in George because in the start of the book he was a very loving guy towards Lennie and really showed the reader he cared about him because he did not want him to get in trouble and wanted him to have a good life anyway he could make that happen. But then in the end of the book a weird change in events happens and although I think George did it out of love for Lennie because he didn’t want to see what was going to happen. But George kills Lennie as he was picturing the future he was going to have.
  4. I think this advances the story because as you read you come to find out that these two people are made for each other and them to find out that George kills Lennie probably for his own protection but he still did it and that’s what shocked most readers about this book.


Static Character

  1. These characters stay the same throughout the story. Example Lennie
  2. same thing as before you cant really find a passage about this because it changes through out
  3. I see the Static character in Lennie because he did was he always did. In the start of the book Lennie was known for being this big strong hard working man, but had the mind of a five year old. And when something happened to him he got scared and did something most people are not capable of doing. In the start he went from killing little mice because they bit him. To the end where he kills Curley’s wife just because he wants her to shut up to her don’t get in any trouble.
  4. As much as we are supposed to say this advances the story im not really to sure it does. I mean in some aspects it does but most of it, it’s just telling is that Lennie is to strong for what is mind can control.



  1. The sequence of events in a literary work. Generally contains an exposition, inciting moment, rising action, climax, falling action, and a resolution.
  2. Yet again you can’t really pick out an exact passage just because it’s the plot of the whole book.
  3. The plot in the book we just finished reading was actually one I found quite interesting. First it goes into telling us how they are going to make a big dream for themselves and how they are going to make life on there own someday as long as Lennie keeps himself out of trouble. Because if you have read the book you know that Lennie is a very strong power house and has no idea what is going on. Then it goes into telling us about the dream and how they are so close to making it but then Lennie does something no one would ever expect. He kills Curley’s wife and in the end it results in him losing his life and the dream never becoming a reality.
  4. I think the advancement as you read the story is great because it keeps you interested in what is going to happen next. And the ending of the book I think really threw a curveball at most readers because his best friend George ended up ruining the dream for Lennie


  1. Most often, when a character tells a story of something that happened earlier
  2. I hate to say it but I couldnt seem to find what im about to talk about but I can tell about it.
  3.  I see the flashback because when it tells you about Lennie killing Curley’s wife and that once he has ahold of something he gets scared and will not let go. And that was earler in the book where in there old town Lennie grabbed a girls dress and she started screaming and ended up getting both of them in trouble causeing them to have to leave town. Where yet again Lennie Grabbed her head and she started screaming ending up in a broken neck and a death
  4. I think that advanced the story because it talks about being scared in the start and then it goes to the end and shows it again. But instead of causeing them to just have to leave the town and hide it ends in the death of two people, one Curley’s wife and then the killer Lennie. Witch was a shocker because everyone knows Lennie cant control what he does and it just so happened he got a little to mad and ended up ruining the dream.

End or Year paper

Dear Mr. Sheehy


            A good reflection of me year would start off with where I came from. I came from a small little town called Douglas located in the state of Wyoming. Not many people have heard of this town and that being said you know that is small enough for the people who live there no every little detail about everyone. At the start of the year over there I was having a good time had some friends and was living the good life. But later on as the school year progressed I had a lot of things I had to deal with, troubles with school, troubles with the people in the school, and my driving was getting me in trouble. So I decided I needed a change to hopefully better my life. And I had already knew about
Rapid City because I have visited me grandparents here many many time. So I thought about it, looked around at the school and did all the stuff someone moving would have to do all by myself before coming to talk to my parents about my troubles. So I think by doing that I have grown up in a sense that I did all these big choices by myself with no help from anyone. And I think that gave me a big confidence booster from what I have had living in Douglas, a place where I wasn’t really wanted.

            So now I live here and couldn’t be more happy. I love life over here its giving me so many more opportunities to better myself. It’s giving me the chance to go to a big place where I don’t know everybody and they all don’t know me so it gave me a chance to meet to people. And to my surprise I actually feel accepted here. They have a soccer program witch is a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be any happier. I have made a bunch of new friends I would have never believed could have happened, and I got myself and amazing girlfriend. Overall I think I have learned as much this year as I have my entire life moving to this city. Most people hate this city but for me it’s a vacation I get to live in until I decided to better myself even more. Some big influences on me have really been the teachers at this school. In Douglas it was a name game, if you didn’t have the right last name you were nothing in that school. And over here I think there are so many kids that teachers can’t really pick favorites just because of the variety of people this school have to offer. And they give each student the chance to make them selves better and if the student can’t do it by them self the teachers here would push and push just so the student could see what they are really capable of. The most challenging thing I have faced this year was probably the troubles I had at my old school. I never got along with hardly anyone, I was always getting fights started with my just because I didn’t hang out with the right people or didn’t do the cool things everyone else was doing. I guess you could say I was kind of the out cast of the school. And in a small school like that, that’s the last place you want to be but I some how found that place and could not get away from it no matter what I did. But then I came here and just felt like this is where I should have been my whole high school. I feel accepted here by not only the teachers but most students as well and knowing that has giving me a huge confidence booster and I have done way more here then anyone of the kids at my old school could even imagine.

            I mean believe me it takes a lot of guts to come from a school with maybe 700 kids total to walk in a building where there are 2200 plus. That’s a huge change and I’m not going to lie I was a very shy self councius kid and for me to do something this extreme I think has made me stronger as a person and as an individual. Over all I think the progress I have made this year is tremendous. I didn’t like where I came from almost to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore, and now I love life and wouldn’t change things no matter what had happened in the past I’m loving life and couldn’t be any happier I got up the nerve to change my life not only for the better but I think its going to help me later on in life knowing im capable of doing what most kids from a small town would not be able to handle.

of mise and men chp 4-6

Curley’s wife lay on her back half covered in hay. This is a line basically describing Lennie’s power. I mean earlier in the book it said he could crush little mice heads when they bit him, but his is showing his power on a human being. As you no when Lennie gets a hold of something and they freak out, he panics and will not let go no matter what. And in this case Curley’s wife panicked and ended up making Lennie made with all the screaming so he had to shut her up. Unfortunately Lennie grabbed her head to hard and jerked it around resulting in a broken neck and the death of Curley’s wife.


“I shouldn’t of did that, George will be mad”. This is Lennie’s line after what he had done to Cruley’s wife. And he says George will be mad because it’s going to get them both in trouble and that’s the one thing Lennie was supposed to stay away from. And further on as you read Lennie goes on and on about not being able to look after the rabbits. All he could think about was those little rabbits and that he would not be able to take care of them because of what he had jus done.


“Im gonna shoot the guts outa that big bastard myself, even if I only got one hand. I’m gonna get him”. In this line we see Curley’s frustration with Lennie because he killed his wife. And it tells what and how he plans to end Lennie’s life. He also says “even if I only got one hand” that right there is all the more reason Curley wants Lennie dead and he plans to do that any way he can. And he says he is going to shoot his guts out, witch basically says he has a lot of anger built up and Lennie is going to be the one he releases it on.

Chapter 3 blog of mise and men

“He can’t think of nothing to do himself, but he can sure take orders”. This was a line said by George when slim asked him about Lennie. And what this one line says, I think bases a lot of hat this book is about. Is says that Lennie is a little slow but once he knows what to do he can out work 10 men at one time. It also says that if you need something done and you can’t do it by yourself, he will be right there to do it if you ask him to. Later after that George said to someone that if he told Lennie to walk off a cliff, Lennie would jump off just to make it all the better. Lennie is one of the hardest works that a man could find and if he is told to do something is going to give it his best. And Lennie’s best is usually about the best that three or four men could do all because of his size and strength.


Carlson says “if you want ill put the old devil out of his misery right now and get it over with”. This is talking about the old dog that is about ready to die, but nobody wants to kill him. The dog is old, can’t see, can’t eat, and can barley walk without hurting it self. And it would basically be better that if the dog was dead everyone could go on and not have to worry about the stink. And it would be best for the dog if he died because he is not doing anything and just does nothing all day.


“She got on eye going all the time on everyone”. This was a funny line I thought because it’s true. She is basically just out to look for guys and get looked at by guys even though she is married to Curley who can never find her. And when she says she is looking for him it’s really just an excuse to look at all the other guys that work. And Curley can’t even see what she is doing.




  1. Why didn’t Lennie throw a punch?
  2. What stopped Lennie from throwing a punch?

Of mice and men- chapter 2 blog

This is a line from George and Lennie’s new boss and it reads “Drink up boys, Christmas only comes one a year. And I think what the author was trying to put out about this guy is that he is a very laid back type of guy and knows when to have fun and when its time to work. And him saying this is like him saying hey I’m a laid back type of guy, have fun with whatever you have to do just get it done and get it done right.


The boss pointed a playful finger at Lennie and says “he aint much of a talker is he”. I think this line is funny because just before the big boss man comes in, George is telling lennie to keep his mouth shut so he don’t lose them the job. But what is also funny is that every person the two men talk to always want to talk to the big guy lennie and George told him that he better keep his mouth shut. That’s when the boss firsts finds out Lennie is not all the way there because George has to back him up and answer all his questions. And it gets to the point where George just comes straight out and tells the boss “he aint bright, but he is strong as a bull”.


This is a line that George says about the boss’s son Curly. “Say what the hell’s he got on his shoulder”. This line being said is that Curly walks around all day basically thinking he is the man. He walks around knowing nothing will happen to him if there is a fight or and aurgument or any kind of trouble because he is the boss’s sun and he is not afraid that he is going to get fired or in trouble because he has that spot of being his son. So he goes around and tries to pick fights, especially with bigger guys like lennie, he runs his mouth because if they fight and he wins, he can say he is a tough guy and took down a big man. But if he losses he can make everybody feel sorry for him by saying that he should have picked on someone his own size making the bigger man the one that gets the blame.

Of mise and men chapter one blog

The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features. Every part of him was defined: small, strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose. Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders; and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws. His arms did not swing at his sides, but hung loosely”. With all that being said these two men are the farthest things from twins. One being pretty much the brains of the whole operation and the other just kind of sitting back watching, doing what he is told. The first man George is basically the guy calling the shots. He is the man who could do very well on his own and live a good live, but there is one problem holding him back from doing that. His friend Lennie is a slow man, with not all the brains one could have. Lennie just is there because he has no where else to go. 

             I’d pet ‘em, and pretty soon they bit my fingers and I pinched their heads a little and then they was dead – because they was so little”. This is a line by Lennie, the not so smart one. And what is going on here is his friend George was giving him a hard time because he can not have small things because he can’t control what is going on in his head. When he finds a little mouse he pets them but he cant control his strength and he crushes them after the little mouse bites him, not only because it scares him but them he cant control what he does and then kills the mouse. So George will not let him really take control of anything because Lennie can not control his actions.

You or someone was judged unfairly

In my old school there were very racist people both the students and the school. And that being said my cousin is a black student and at least once a week he was accused of doing something wrong, stealing something from the school, or fighting people he didn’t even no. I think this relates to the story because people that may be really good people are being accused of witch craft. I think this is unfair on both places because in the story the people are sentenced to death or serious punishment if they do not confess. And in my cousins case he got anywhere from in school suspension for weeks or even out of school suspension for something he is not aware he even did. And even if he actually does something wrong, they made the punishment for him twice as worse as any other kid in the school for doing the same thing. I think this situation compares to the story for many reasons because people are being wrongly accused of something with little to no proof at all.

Another way it relates to this story is that they accuse people because they do not like them, and to save them selves from getting in trouble. And in my cousins place he was not very well liked and even when any other kid did something wrong when no one was around they would only blame what they did on my cousin to just to make him get in trouble so he was not in the same school as all the other white kids. But in a way in kind of relates to the story but not as much is, in the story if the women accused confessed and said that they have had a run in with the devil, they were let off the hook or served a little jail time. Where my cousin got to the point that he knew he was going to get in trouble for something he didn’t do, he confessed and said yea it was him hoping to save himself for a little bit before getting in trouble again the next week. But even that didn’t work they still said yea you did it and you confessed but we are still going to get you in trouble even if its not that big of deal.

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